Notes for Sophia

Had eight children

About the time of their son’s birth or shortly thereafter, Henry Oberheide
died as Sophia married Heinrich Fred Detmering about 1860.  Heinrich was born
September 14, 1823 in Mandelsloh, Germany, the son of Jurgen H. and Maria
(Homeier) Detmering.

While living in Bissendorf, Germany, Heinrich and Sophia (Oberheide) Detmering
were the parents of one additional son, George Detmering (May 13, 1862).

For some reason, unrest in Germany or a chance for a brighter future, the
young family emigrated to America on the ship Leocadia from Bremen, Germany
arriving December 5, 1866 in Baltimore, Maryland.   The boat had 371
passengers.   Seven of those including the Detmering family were listed as
going to live in Missouri besides the 21 scheduled to go to St. Louis.

Great Grandparents   - Henry and Sophia Oberheide   (cont’d)

Listed on the Leocadia’s roster was the following:

Heinrich Dettmering	-   42 years old   -   farmer
Sophia Dettmering	-   33 years old
Wilhelm Dettmering   -   9 years old   Actually Wilhelm Oberheide
George Dettmering   -   4 years old

All were listed as being born in Hanover, Germany and last living in Aumeder,

They came to America and settled in Concordia, Lafayette County, Missouri.  
Also living in Concordia at that time were two other Detmering’s and their
families, Heinrich and Friedrich Detmering (probably father and son).   They
had came to America in 1852.   This may have been the reason why the Heinrich
and Sophia (Oberheide) Detmering family also settled in the area.

While living in Concordia, the Detmering’s had a additional two more children.  
The 1870 census listed the family as living in Freedom Township of Lafayette

Heinrich Detmering died March 14, 1875 in Concordia, Lafayette Co., Missouri
at the age of 52, leaving Sophia, a widow for the second time about 44 years
old, with four children ranging in age from 18 years old to 4 years old.

For unknown reasons the family then moved to Fontana, Miami County, Kansas
about 1879.   At the time Sophia was about 48 years old and William was about
22 years old.   At the time there was a large group of German immigrants
living in the area.

They farmed in the Fontana area of Miami County, Kansas where Sophia
(Oberheide) Detmering died in 1903 about 72 years old.   She is buried in the
Fontana, Kansas cemetery.

Bill Gillet
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