Notes for Heinrich VOGELSANG

Immigrated at 15 or 16 years old - 1854. Lived at 824 Independence St.

Henry (Hy) Volgelsang- Born Nov. 18, 1838. He was brought by parents
from Hamburg at age 16 to avoid being a Hessian soldier. This he said to
Uncle Bill, -Hy was his grandfather and moved in with them when Bill was 10
yrs. Died Oct. 27, 1925
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Notes for Konrad Heinrich VOGELSANG

Immigrated 1856
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Notes for Robert VOGELSANG

Was President of Famers and Merchants Bank in Cape
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Notes for Margaretha WETTENGEL

Margaretha Vogelsang- Hy's wife- born Sept.28, 1839 in Austria. Died Nov.
8, 1912. Daughter Emilie, born Jan. 14, 1870, married F.W. Oberheide, died May
14, 1937 in Hirsch's house.
Son, Robert Vogelsang, born Oct. 25, 1872 -died Nov. 25,
1960- was president of the Farmers and Merchant Bank - Gawky's Uncle Bob!
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