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Foster AffidavitFoster affidavit witnessing use of huddle in 1918

P.O. Box 91
The Dalles, Oregon
March 10, 1971

Mrs. Shirley Hargiss Oberheide
5739 E. Sycamore
Evansville, Ind. 47715

Dear Mrs. Oberheide:

I remember Coach Hargiss very well, but think the date you mention as 1919 was the year prior or 1918. We played the U. of W. at Seattle that year, and I believe the 1919 game was played in Portland.

I am sure the huddle was used in that game, although at that time it had not been given the huddle name.

As I remember, in the first half of that game, the U. of W. team was reading our signals as the quarterback called them, and was stopping us cold on nearly every play. so during halftime Coach Hargiss told us to whisper the play out of hearing of the defensive team, and then our plays began to work. We did not use it on every play.

So I am sure that Coach Bill Hargiss was the very first to use the huddle.

Hope this will help establish your father's record. He was a fine man and a good coach.

Yours sincerely,
Jack J. Foster

State of Oregon
Wasco County