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Letter from Royal BroughamRoyal Brougham of Seattle Post-Intelligencer letter as witness to Bill Hargiss' use of huddle in 1918

April 1, 1971

Dear Mrs. Oberheide-

I am happy to answer your letter about your father and the huddle.

As far as I am concerned Coach Hargiss was the fertile brain who contributed this important maneuver to football.

I remember how puzzled the writers were when the Oregon A. C. team lined up in a group five or ten yards behind the line like they were holding a prayer meeting or something. The year was 1918 and the game was held at the Washington stadium.

Your father certainly changed the entire aspect of signal-calling.

His name should go down as a real innovator.

Please give him my best regards, from one old timer to another.

With best regards,


Royal Brougham
Associated editor
Seattle Washington