H. W. "Bill" Hargiss
Hargiss portraitThe Life and Legacy of H. W. "Bill" Hargiss 1887-1978

Menzo Hainline (1978):
"Bill Hargiss came on the scene of Kansas athletics in the early days of the last century.  He was an excellent athlete in his own right, but on top of that he had the ability to promote athletic ability in others.   His life in its entirety, and it was a long and rich life, was spent in the world of athletics.  Few people have influenced for good the lives of as many people as has Bill Hargiss.  The men and women who fell under his spell have lived and enjoyed a better life because of him."

Glenn Cunningham (1970):
"The record speaks magnificently about Bill Hargiss.  One of the world's most outstanding athletes and greatest coaches, you have an enviable record in both of these endeavors.  Our lives have been immeasurably enriched because of our contact and association with you."

Senator Bob Dole (2008):
"Bill Hargiss was my coach but more importantly he was my friend . . . He left a positive imprint on young men that helped shape our lives."

One-page abstract:  
Bill Hargiss - "The Bald Eagle"  (and website contact)

Biography:  Year
Youth in Cherokee Co, Kansas  on a Kansas farm 1887
College at Kansas State Normal  16 letters in 5 sports 1905
Marion High School, KS  first coaching position 1909
College of Emporia   implements forward pass 1910
University of Kansas  asst coach 1 year 1913
Kansas State Normal  1914
Oregon Agricultural College  first use of offensive huddle 1918
Kansas State Normal   use of defensive huddle         1920
University of Kansas  5 years football, 10 years track 1928
Coronado Pageant accident  survives serious accident 1941
Brooklyn Dodgers Football  professional club 1942
US Army Athletic Consultant  wartime in Italy, Hawaii 1945
Post War      1946
Kansas Athletic Commission Executive Dir. 10 years 1952
US Air Force Olympic Track and Field  Olympic training 1960
Retirement  1962
Last football game  passes at age 91; family history 1978
Pulling linemen to run interference early use 1910
Forward pass and run option pass plays  early use 1910
Lightweight football shoe  first to fabricate 1910
T-formation early use 1910
Offensive huddle early use 1918
Defensive huddle  early use 1923
ESU football team in 1926  outscores opponents 144-3 1926
Kansas Illustriana Society 1933
Missouri Valley A.A.U.  president 1940
NAIA Track Hall of Fame inducted 1959
KU Hall of Fame  inducted 1960
Kansas Sports Hall of Fame   charter member 1961
Honors due Hargiss     honoring Hargiss and 'Doc' Weede 1961
Coaching clinic honor  1968
Recognition Banquet    230 person surprise in Emporia 1970
Hargiss' athletes    testimonials from former athletes 1970
ESU Distinguished Alumnus elected 1970
Hargiss Scholarship     established for ESU athletes 1970
Kansas Relays Honorary Referee  having directed earlier 1974
Jayhawk Celebrity Golf Classic recognized 1978
ESU Hall of Honor    charter member 1982
ESU Centennial Team    top 25 players ESU football 1997
Head football coaching record    102-53-16 over 21 seasons