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Bill Hargiss - First Use of the Offensive Huddle, 1918Bill Hargiss ca. 1918
used at OAC (now Oregon State U) by Bill Hargiss

Bill Hargiss undoubtedly was one of the truly original thinkers in the game of football.  He was the very first coach to use a huddle [Oregon State, Corvallis, OR, in 1918].

Although many schools over the years have laid claim to being the birthplace for football's "huddle," the record clearly indicates Oregon State was one of the very first schools nationally to use the formation in a game. It happened against the University of Washington in Seattle Nov. 18, 1918. That day, the UW players were having much fun decoding all of OSC's plays. Little was working because the boys from Seattle seemed to know what was going to happen before it happened.  Beaver Head Coach "Bill" Hargiss watched for awhile then, fed up, told his players at half-time about a children's game he had in which signals were whispered. He instructed the starters that once they returned to the field, they were to stand 10 yards behind the ball before the beginning of each play and whisper to one another what they were going to do next.

Up to then, a football team went into a set position to start each play, shifting as the quarterback called signals. Thus, a necessary qualification of a quarterback in those days was a penetrating voice. So to speak, he hollered his brains out.

"I was refereeing a high school game out there," Bill recalled, "and it was one of those close grudge, battles where the crowd cheered loudly and the band played the same way. The offensive team got down to a do-or-die play and the boys couldn't hear the quarterback's signals. So he called them into a huddle to give 'em the play. I thought a lot about that, and I experimented with it at Oregon State. Other coaches criticized it because they said it cost time. But I put a stop-watch on it, and it often was faster than the signal calling system."

Bill brought the huddle to Kansas when he went back to Emporia in 1920 for an eight-year stretch at the Normal, known today as Emporia State University. By the next year, such eminent coaches as Bob Zuppke of Illinois were going to the huddle which is now used by all teams.

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