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John Kuck LetterJohn Kuck Letter

June 26, 1978

Dear Bill:

Since talking to Max I was happy to hear you are still with us and hope you are getting better daily. I myself am doing fairly well for all I've been through with heart attack and pacemaker installed over two years ago. Max said you were on the mend from a major operation and hope you are doing O.K. Knowing you as well as I do, I know we are two of a kind--plenty of guts with a capital G. Will be pleased to have you drop me a line sometime and let me hear how you are coming along. Stay in there and fight, Bill, as you and I always have. That's how we became winners. Give our best wishes to your daughter and the same to you and all my friends that are still around and kicking. Hoping to see you again sometime and wishing you and yours all the best--

With love and respect,