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Bill Hargiss at KUBill Hargiss at KU















Bill Hargiss at KU















First award for the oldest picture of "Bill" Hargiss to be dug up by any of the newspapers in connection with the appointment of Hargiss as football coach at K. U.. goes to The Emporia Gazette. The Gazette's picture shows Hargiss. a youth apparently in his teens, wearing a high stiff collar and one of those low-crown, saucer-brim felt hats.—Ottawa Herald.

  All of which goes to show just how slow Ottawa really is. The picture The Gazette printed was a recent one and the hat which Hargiss wore was a new one. It happened that Bill Hargiss carries his years lightly and it also happens that he adorns his handsome physiognomy with a hat of a different style than some of the cake-? models by Dobbs and Stetson. If the erudite editors of Ottawa knew anything about football they would have known that the saucer-brim hat is to Bill Hargiss as the cigar was to Joe Cannon or the inverted pipe is to General Dawes. Also they would have known that while Bill Hargiss isn't a "youth in his teens" he remains young and frisky. If the Ottawa editors can get through the mud that usually surrounds their city, they should go up to Lawrence next fall and see what kind of a football team the brains that lie under the saucer-brim hat can produce.