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Shift Coaches to Inject Punch IntoKU announcement on 1932 football coach change Squad
KU, October 1932

Following two consecutive lethargic showings of the football team in which it nosed out Denver University 13 to 12 and lost to Oklahoma 6 to 21 the Athletic Board called a meeting and handed Dr. F. C. Allen, director of athletics whom the board last spring charged with complete authority (and also responsibility) for all sports and coaches thereof, the following statement:

In view of the unsatisfactory condition existing in the football coaching situation the Athletic Board of the University of Kansas calls upon Director F. C. Allen to take whatever steps he deems necessary for the remainder of the football season to improve conditions.

University of Kansas Athletic Board (Signed) W. W. DAVIS, Secretary.

Dr. Allen, after conference with the board and with the coaches, issued an edict as follows:

In this emergency I am designating Adrian Lindsey to take over the active detail coaching of the football team. Michael Getto will continue in his present capacity as assistant varsity coach and Coach H. W. Hargiss will continue as head track coach; without any reduction in salary.

(Signed) FORREST C. ALLEN, Director.

Simultaneously Coach Hargiss sent a letter to the Chancellor saying:

Because of the apparent dissatisfaction with the coaching of the football team. I feel that for the best interests of the University I should be relieved of further responsibility in that field. This will give me an opportunity to direct my efforts as track coach to the maintenance of the prestige of track and field athletics at the University.

(Signed) H. W. HARGISS.

The Graduate Magazine learned from Dr. Allen after the first evening's practice a few of the details and plans under the arrangement. Ad Lindsey will be acting head coach. Dr. Allen is instructed by the Athletic Board to give his personal attention to football practice and he will be present on the practice field, and in the dressing room, acting in a supervisory capacity. His work will be devoted to the conditioning of the men and to building team morale. He will consult on major items of strategy but will leave all choice of system, of plays, and that sort of thing to Coach Lindsey and assistant coach Getto.

Straight for the Goal Line

The new regime has in mind simplification of offensive plays, harder charging line, faster running of backfield men straight into the line without so many linemen being drawn out to run interference, and, withal, better blocking and tackling.

Win, lose or draw the abrupt change after the season had started will without doubt attract attention to the Kansas team this year, for all followers of the team will be looking forward to see what will happen as the remaining weeks unfold.

Coach Hargiss has had long and successful experience in track as well as football and plans to devote his entire attention toward development of a championship track and field team next spring.