H. W. "Bill" Hargiss
Youth 1887
College 1905
Marion High 1909
C. of Emporia 1910
KU 1913
KSN 1914
OAC 1918
KSN 1920
KU 1928
Coronado 1941
Brklyn Dodgrs 1942
US Army 1945
Post War 1946
KS A. C. 1952
US Air Force 1960
Retirement 1962
Last Game 1978
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1926 ESU Football
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Hargiss' AthletesBill Hargiss circa 1971



J. Arthur "Shorty" Hoch (1978):

"I was one of those who had the privilege of playing under Coach Hargiss. In fact, he was my coach all of my years in college, 1924-27.  Coach Hargiss was not only a great football and track coach but, along with his coaching, he tried to instill in his players those values that would develop character and make them worthy citizens.  He was known nationally as a coach and also as a speaker. He had that rare ability of being able to remember names and could call hundreds of people by name. His invigorating spirit and charisma made it a joy to be around him.

I feel that my life has been greatly enriched by the opportunity I had to walk a distance with him. 

Someone has written:
    When the Great Scorer comes to Write beside your name,
    He won't write whether you won or lost,
    But how you played the game.

Bill Hargiss played the game right and tried to teach others to do the same."

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